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Anonymous asked: Where did you get your information on vaccines? (Not at all trying to sound like a smart ass so I hope it doesn't seem that way! >o< Just generally curious as I'd like to learn more from both sides of the debate; I don't really know much about vaccines so I'd like to understand the views of those for it/against it.) Thank you and have a good day!


Hey there! I’m glad you’re choosing to research this very important topic. My sources have been pretty widespread, but here are some from fairly reliable sources:

WebMD Vaccines Center, and WebMD vaccine FAQ (please note - confusingly, the buttons to go to the next pages are under the recommended list), and expert Q&A on childhood vaccine safety

eMedicine Health page on vaccination, plus FAQs on vaccine safety and a thing debunking the ‘link’ between vaccines and autism

One major thing that will come up in searching about vaccine safety is Andrew Wakefield’s fraudulent paper linking the MMR vaccine to regressive autism and some unspecified bowel thing that he was calling ‘autistic enterocolitis’. He was accused of fraud after it turned out that not only did he make up large parts of the paper, he also did unnecessarily invasive tests (including lumbar punctures) on young autistic kids, AND stood to make millions if he could ‘prove’ that MMR was unsafe. Antivaxxer organisations like Generation Rescue tend to consider Wakefield to be a martyr. A full write-up on the fraud that Wakefield perpetuated is available here, and many accusations of vaccinations being unsafe come from it, especially anything claiming a link between MMR and autism.

The consequences of ignoring vaccines are pretty serious - as in, people die from them. Something to research is herd immunity, which is the concept that, the more people that are immunised, the less hold an infectious disease has in a population. If a certain amount of the population is immunised (generally 90-95%), then the disease has a hard time spreading. If those numbers are too low, then it can jump from person to person more easily.

Not everyone can be vaccinated. Babies and young kids don’t have their full set of vaccines yet, people who don’t have a fully-functioning immune system can’t be vaccinated because the actual premise of vaccination - giving someone a very weak or dead version of a microorganism so their immune system can recognise it in the future and fight off the real infection - won’t work, and people who are extremely sick, like those with AIDS or cancer, don’t have their immune system working at full force. Herd immunity, then, is absolutely vital to protect those very vulnerable people.

Herd immunity is also vitally important for the simple reason that no vaccine is 100% efficient. There will always be some that slip through the cracks, and it is possible to get sick even if you’re vaccinated. That’s why it’s so important for everyone to be vaccinated - it reduces the risk of anyone getting sick.

Some consequences of low herd immunity and lack of immunisation are lethal.

Dana McCaffrey, a four-week-old baby, died of pertussis (whooping cough) due to the low levels of vaccination in the area she lived in (around 70%). Dana was too young to have had the vaccination (I believe the first pertussis vaccine is at two months), and so needed herd immunity to keep her from contracting pertussis.

Infectious and potentially lethal diseases are on the rise again, including measles, pertussis (pertussis probably scares the shit out of me the most, since I have asthma and would be at a higher risk for both infection and complications), and mumps. All of these diseases can kill, and have killed multiple people in the past few years. This is a map that shows all the outbreaks of preventable diseases that have happened in the past six years.

This page shows the consequences if vaccinations were stopped. Worth pointing out is that without a vaccination for measles, 2.7 million people would die from it around the world - every year.

I hope this information serves you well, and good luck with finding information! :)

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Seriously tho who was in charge of Samus’s character model her anatomy is ridiculous

Sexism Is Over

Okay we KNOW that HAS to be an X Parasite clone now

Clearly she’s using her morphing capabilities, but in a more controlled fashion because infecting the other fighters unto death is probably against regulations

Good job SA-X, I’m proud of you for learning such control

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being willing to cling to and tenaciously defend “satirical” humor that harms marginalized people as if there’s absolutely no other possible way to be funny

while at the same time BLAMING those marginalized people for being upset in the first fucking place

I do not hang with that

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can we please fucking destroy the idea that pansexuals are automatically flirty and that asexuals are incapable of flirting or being outgoing and romantically social? can we please clarify that these stereotypes are just as incorrect as the stereotype that all gays are sassy and all lesbians are masculines? please??

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Here it is! My senior thesis! I am finally getting this thing posted online. It is my own take on “The Three Little Pigs”. My thesis teacher pushed me to do something sequential and I am so glad he did. This was such a fun and challenging project.

I did not have time to do an entire comic (or I didn’t want to drive myself crazy attempting at least). So here is a cover, poster, and two two-page spreads from different parts of the story! Maybe some day I will get the chance to make the entire comic.

I placed second in our senior thesis show! It was such an amazing experience. I cant thank everyone enough for their support.

Done with Prismacolor brush markers and colored pencils! And then Photoshop for a few things: most of the lettering (it’s all hand done though), the panel borders, and some color edits.

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you know how certain straight men sometimes say they like to play as female characters in video games because “they like to have something nice to look at”

a) that’s disgusting

b) that’s exactly why we need to have more first person games with a protagonist that is specifically (and clearly, so no one can ignore it) a woman, so that those same straight men are forced to identify and prevented from ogling

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