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Don’t you think I know that by now, Anon?
Don’t you think I have tried to help?
The boy panics and starts thrashing around every time I get close to him, and, given my past interactions with him, I cannot say I blame him.
Even if he were being completely cooperative it would be near impossible for me to untie the ropes that are binding him.
I am fully aware that, given your annoyingly inquisitive natures, you will no doubt ask me to provide evidence as to this claim. I have recieved multiple inquiries as to the subject in the past and deliberately ignored them. I had hoped not to discuss this, but now it appears that circumstances have changed. As some of you may have already expected, my right arm is completely paralyzed and has been for about a decade now. I would advise you not to inquire further into the matter, if you value your lives.
 Either way, I believe it is best to keep my distance for now, as my presence only seems to cause him more distress.

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I know I’m a million years late on this fad but I just really wanted to make a silly passive-aggressive powerpoint showing off why I think Team Plasma is the best team of bad guys, and why you should too~

Except for a couple things I slipped on Ghetsis’s slide, this slideshow covers the old Team Plasma, not the new one. 

As I pointed out in the disclaimer on the cover page THIS SLIDESHOW CONTAINS B2W2 SPOILERS, read at your own risk!
And enjoy me being a bit too passive-aggressive for my own good.

Damn it… spoilers


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