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trying to make sense of these

fawns are pretty much doomed to be clumsy runners because they have no flat human feet or an extra pair of legs to support them, so both a human two-legged run and a gallop look sort of weird not to mention put a lot of strain on their legs

so, i conclude that fawns are probably only capable of moving quickly in a series of erratic gallop-y hops, which gives them a lot of manoeuvrability and is fair enough because they live in forests where there’s little room to run anyway

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Like fiery eyeball thing, no problem. But don’t even try to imagine a Samoan elf. (x)

Fun fact: In the prologue to The Lord of the Rings, J. R. R. Tolkien explicitly states that the most numerous “ethnic group” of hobbits, the Harfoots, were brown of skin. In fact, the least numerous group, the Fallohides, were apparently unusual in having white skin if their name (meaning “pale hide”) is any indication, so it’s a safe assumption that most hobbits were brown-skinned to some degree. Bilbo, Frodo, and Sam were of predominantly Harfoot descent (Merry and Pippin were more Fallohidish, and Smeagol was from yet another ethnic group, the Stoors), and if Jackson really cared about accuracy to the books (and just look at the movies - he’s not), they would have been played by people of color.

This gifset has been passed around a lot, and I thought I’d reblog my friend’s addition b/c there is stuff in the original text that says there were brown hobbits.  My other friend, summer-of-supervillainy often points this out too, that in the Hobbit, the Hobbits were described as having: “long, clever, brown fingers,”  Even if those descriptions weren’t in the source material though, it still wouldn’t justify rejecting non-white people to play Hobbits, but that it is makes the whole thing even worse and punches a hole through the “but they’re canonically white!” argument too.

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watership down ◆ prologue part III

"My friend," said Frith, "have you seen El-ahrairah? For I wish to give him a gift."

"No, I have not seen him."

So, Frith said, “Come out, and I will bless you instead.”

"No, I cannot. I am busy. The fox and weasel are coming. If you want to bless me, you will have to bless my bottom. "

"Very well. Be it so."

And El-ahrairah’s tail grew shining white, and it flashed like a star, and his back legs grew long and powerful. He tore across the hill faster than any creature in the world.

"All the world will be your enemy, Prince with a Thousand Enemies. And whenever they catch you, they will kill you…But first, they must catch you…digger, listener, runner, Prince with the swift warning. Be cunning and full of tricks…and your people will never be destroyed."

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