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I honestly read SSE as a tongue-in-cheek parody of EPIC GAEMS. All the pieces are there, but they’re all twisted somewhat in that way only a crackfic can do. Brawl in general lampoons a lot of tropes common in games that are trying way too hard to be Epic and/or Meaningful. Mushroomy Kingdom with its grimdark real-is-brownness, for example, gives me gigglefits every single time. (This is not to say games can’t be epic and meaningful, of course. You know me. But like in any media, some of them try too hard and fall flat.)

And like any good parody, at times it’s completely indistinguishable from the thing it’s poking fun at. And that’s just wonderful.

It is THE best kind of parody. It parodies the fuck out of “OMG EPIC” so hard it actually loops back to actually epic. (Kirby takes out a giant fucking cannon with Dragoon. Kirby. KIRBY. A little pink ball taking out a giant thing with cannons that is actually amazing!)

I dunno, I would argue that Kirby is truly among the most badass of Nintendo protagonists, since he is literally a baby eldritch abomination who went good (if you believe the anime) and fights fellow eldritch abominations on a regular basis. Like that fucking Zero guy who shoots his own blood at you.

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