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the goddesses and their closest creations communicate with each other not in spoken language, but through light and motion and melody

that’s why when Fi translates Hylia’s messages to Link in Skyward Sword, she dances - she’s actually “speaking” in this ancient divine form of communication and verbally relaying what it means to Link as she does so

and it’s why music is such a keystone of the games and why when characters say they’re praying what they often mean is they’re playing an instrument or singing, because making music is the closest mortals can come to speaking in the divine language

when Link learns a certain song needed to reach a particular area or some such thing, he’s learning the “password” to accomplish this task

objects like the Wind Waker and the Ocarina of Time that use music as magic can tap into the power of the gods by “speaking” to the world around them and “asking” nature to do them a favor, and offer their mortal users just the smallest taste of the goddesses’ abilities, which is why they’re so sought after and so closely guarded by members of the royal family


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