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Sparky vs. Xexyz (by Sparky Lurkdragon)

One day, when no one showed up, I beat a childhood favourite.

Proof I’m more entertaining when I have a live audience to play to - I cut a lot of dead air - but here are some highlights anyway. I was playing with infinite lives and some savestates.

Careful! Xexyz has some rapidly-flashing lights, so please use caution if you’re photosensitive!

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Sparky vs The Sims 2 Pets (NDS) (by Sparky Lurkdragon)

Or, Why The Uncanny Valley Effect Absolutely Applies to Non-Human Animals.

"Traumatised by years of watching the ill and injured animals of Paw Valley, Dr. Red turned her biological expertise in a new direction. Behind the backs of all the pets and pet-owners she had dedicated herself to caring for over the years, the maddened doctor began to meddle with the preserved blood samples of her former patients.

In the darkened, enclosed laboratory that lay hidden beneath her own surgery, some of the most horrifying experiments known to man and beast were performed.

After many years of struggling away against limited resources and the screams of her failed clones, finally, the doctor had created her ultimate specimen.

A picture of health, immune to every pathogen she had ever encountered. Developed specifically with a head size twice that of the average feline to accommodate an oversized brain within which lay the components for intelligence.

Intelligence greater than that achieved by any modern cat, dog… Or human.

Splicing the genes of two cats into a genetic chimera, she developed the specimen she named… Bruce Wayne.”

- light-of-aether

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Sparky vs. Tides of Time, Part 3: Orcas and Stone (by Sparky Lurkdragon)

Two really obnoxious levels where I get lost a lot. HOORAY

(I’ve spared y’all some of the backtracking in Lost Orcas and most of the confused wandering in Maze of Stone.)

Some peculiar conversational tangents, as well. Topics include my insomnia, my streaming policies, and Rule 34.

* Lost Orcas
* Maze of Stone (hard only)

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Sparky vs. Tides of Time, Part 2: Earth’s Natural Future (by Sparky Lurkdragon)

The Good Future levels just speed on by!

Because of my personal-record-breaking run here, I forgot to mention… if you fall out of Tube of Medusa, the game kicks you back to Skyway and you have to pick your way through Sky Tides again. It’s kind of a micro version of the whole “die in The Last Fight, go through Welcome to the Machine again” thing in Ecco 1.

That said, you at least have your password, so you can reset, enter the password, and go back to Tubes of Medusa. In fact, if you reset your Genesis as you’re falling out - before the level name for Skyway comes up - the game saves your password and you can go right back to running from theĀ  Medusa, so there’s that.

Also, the comment about the great eruptions in Skylands inspired a fanfic.

* Skyway
* Sky Tides
* Tube of Medusa
* Aqua Tubeway (hard only)
* Skylands
* Fin to Feather
* Eagle’s Bay
* Asterite’s Cave

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Sparky vs. Ecco the Dolphin, Part 5: PUFFERFISH!! SHARKS!! (by Sparky Lurkdragon)

Includes some discussion of John C. Lily and teasing the stream-goers as they try to guess what will happen next. We also talk a little about Ed Annunziata’s recent efforts to either revive the Ecco series or make a spiritual sequel.

Thinking about it, as well, the Vortex make a pretty good metaphor for human exploitation of marine life… not sure if they were intended that way, though.

* Island Zone
* Deep Water
* The Marble Sea
* The Library

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Sparky vs. Randomized Black, Part 5: Wish Upon a Star (by Sparky Lurkdragon)

* Round III with Technician Mallorie, which leads to plot
* Some Pokemon catching, but I PEBCAK my mic (turned it off to cough and forgot to turn it back on), so this and a little bit of the plot stuff goes without comment.
* Lady Marcellus is an unexpected miniboss
* As is Rich Boy Anne
* Magnedrei becomes space-dino’s avatar
* Philosophers’ night school for toddlers

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