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girlyboylush asked: MY FAVORITE PART IS HOW ETERNAL DARKNESS WAS SOOO GOOD BECAUSE NINTENDO KEPT STEPPING IN ALL LIKE "no what are you doing. no stop. do this instead"




people can badmouth Nintendo all they want but when their supervision can make a studio who would be responsible for X-Men: Destiny (50/100 on Metacritic) churn out THE defining horror game on the Gamecube and one of the biggest cult classics of that generation THAT SHOULD SAY SOMETHING

Something similar happened with Retro Studios and Metroid Prime, and it turned out awesome.

…And then something similar happened with Team Ninja and Metroid: Other M and it turned out terrible, so, I don’t know, YMMV on this kind of game development management.

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Playing Metroid Prime today I somehow managed to glitch up the Hive Mecha fight so that I was able to kill a few war wasps and open up the thing you shoot at on the mecha while there was still war wasps out. I ended up with hundreds of war wasps circling me. They were still there even after I’d defeated the boss.


I love glitches and that is a very loveable (if terrifying) glitch

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Reflections on a Ruined Fountain


I think I want to play Metroid Prime now.

Do it! :) It’s my personal favourite Metroid game, which is saying a hell of a lot. With one exception, the Metroids are all wonderful games, but Prime is an absolute masterpiece.

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Reflections on a Ruined Fountain

(Source: overthinkingvideogames)

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Metroid Prime OST - Samus vs. Flaahgra ~ Flaahgra Battle Theme (by PeyserConley)

Fun fact: In the original NTSC version of Prime, this song does not loop correctly. This corrected, full version was used in the first PAL release and all other releases thereafter (including in the Prime Trilogy).

You can hear the bugged NTSC version here. It basically just loops the intro.

It’s a real shame that a lot of Metroid fans never got to hear this while playing!

The bugged Flaahgra theme is boring. The full one is one of my favourite Metroid songs! And the Flaahgra fight is one of my favourite one-shot bosses.

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misogyny isn’t samus getting a realistic portrayal in other m

misogyny is drawing constant rape art of her, talking about how much sex she should have (regardless of her consent), drawing her nonstop in skimpy outfits with obscene breast sizes, and then saying that she’s not allowed to be vulnerable in any way, shape, or form

A) It’s possible for multiple things to be misogynistic. 

B) If Other M portrayed anything at all realistically, you’d have a point. But the story is loaded with basic character motivation and presentation problems, even before you get to the misogyny.

It’s not that Samus isn’t allowed to be vulnerable in any way, shape or form. (Hell, she was dying on the ground in Super Metroid before the hatching dropped in to save her. No one complained about that.) It’s that the way she’s depicted in Other M isn’t consistent with player’s previous experiences with her in other games.

The Ridley scene, for instance, might be okay if it was actually explained in-game what happened to her parents and that she had PTSD. Expecting the player to have read an obscure manga is simply bad presentation and storytelling. Even if they did, it would still be problematic because her PTSD doesn’t surface in any of the other games while fighting Ridley, nor anywhere else in Other M. It’s used as a plot device to “kill off” Anthony, rather than an actual consistent character trait.

I’m not going to get into the problems with Adam, but this article does a damn good job.

C) I’d wager that most of the people who call Other M’s story Misogyny are equally or moreso disgusted with the crude and disgusting drawings you speak of. In fact, a lot of people hate that Samus’ portrayal in Other M feeds directly to those artist’s depictions.

Bolded for emphasis because yes.

Also I wrote a thing a while back on how to let your badass protag be in a situation where she needs to be rescued without shitting on her and OH LOOK they all involve Samus vs. Ridley WHOA.

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