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Randomised Black 2 has come to its conclusion with a giant grab bag of legendaries that were not actually legendaries! We got:

  • Zekrom, who was actually a Cinccino
  • Kyurem, who was actually a Flareon
  • Cresselia, who was actually a Diglett
  • Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf, who were actually a Lotad, Krabby, and Kecleon, respectively
  • Heatran, who was actually a Stoutland

And then, for added amusement, an actual Latios just hanging out in Reversal Mountain.

Not a bad final run!

Next fortnight, we’ll be starting something new - since there appears to actually be working 3DS emulators (!!!), if I can get it to run, I may be giving X a shot! Either as a straight Nuzlocke, or, if they have one by then, a randomisation :D If not, we’ll be doing a randomisation of Platinum! (Semi-blind, I’ve played the vanilla game but only up to the third gym or so.) Either way, should be fun, and thank you to EVERYONE who visited my streams over the past… several months!

Don’t forget, we named the Latios Shawn. (After a misreading of actual-Latios’ onomotopoea-cry as him screaming “SHAAAAUN!” because clearly Dr. Kosugi Sr. stole the Soul Dew) And he had Frisk.

Looking forward to whatever else we play! :D

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