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How my Red-tailed Hawk says hello. x


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Birds-of-prey are a protected species in the USA. Even if you found it dead, you cannot keep parts from hawks, eagles, falcons, owls, or vultures, buzzards, kestrels, etc. for any reason.

The only exception to this rule is if you work for an education facility of some manner and have a government-issued permit, or if you are a registered member of a Native tribe and also have a government-issued permit. Some falconers are likewise allowed to keep feathers from the birds-of-prey in their charge. But taxidermists do NOT get a break from these regulations. There is no “special pardon” you can get from your dad’s buddy’s uncle who works as a janitor for the local Fish and Wildlife office. 

Just because you are a taxidermist doesn’t mean you can pick up any dead animal you fancy. Please look into state and national laws if you are uncertain about a particular species. 

Please note:

It is a “strict-liability” law, meaning that there is no requirement for law enforcement agencies to prove “intent” to violate the law. That is, if you are found in possession of a protected species or its parts or products, you are automatically in violation of the law. (Migratory Bird Treaty Act, FAQ x)

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