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Aussies are fighting back and removing the bait from drum lines!

These fisherman are inhumanely killing these sharks in their own homes. Four shots to the head, really?! and then just dumping the body in the ocean…wow. Troy Buswell, former fisheries minister, does not understand why people would disrupt these drum lines. Well sir, I do not understand you!

I’ve heard that they dumped the body because the shark was under 3m and that was too small to kill.  They also misidentified a tiger shark as a bull - brilliant fishermen, eh?

I would be in the water dismantling bait so fast.

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Great whites 'live for 70 years'

Ian Fergusson, a founding patron of the Shark Trust, commented: “White sharks have a fairly low fecundity in terms of litter size. Typically, females might have a handful of pups per litter, and we’re not sure how often they even get pregnant in a lifetime.

“It puts a spotlight on the need for the conservation of white sharks to be considered on a par with the conservation we have - and take for granted - for marine mammals, which also have low fecundity, long lifespans and late maturity. The conservation of sharks is not like the conservation of trout in a river, and that’s something people in the fisheries business don’t always understand,”

(Source: caong)

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