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Some shots from Sage’s walk today. Hoy wow he’s progressing quickly. He’s already got a good grasp on staying on the path, responding to a few cues I use on walks (let’s go, this way) and his confidence is increasing dramatically. His nature is usually really chill , and he’s a very relaxed cat in general, so I hoped he’d be able to handle outings well. We didn’t go all the way to the river since it was his first time at the bluffs and he’s still getting used to all this walking. He worked up a little panting towards the end, and took a good nap when we got home.

I’m planning on establishing a new schedule where each of the cats gets walked every other day, so since Sage went out today, I’ll take Tyger tomorrow. Oh, and… I broke down and bought three boxes of the storage cube things to set up another outdoor enclosure in the backyard; it’s supposed to get here Wednesday and I’ve already got a few ideas for what I wanna set up!

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Elvis the Siamese Will Not Be Ignored

Georgia’s nine year old Siamese cat, Elvis, does not stand for being ignored. This video is just a small glimpse of what goes on when Georgia tries to work from home.

omg bb

To be fair, that’s my response to being asked if I want a cookie, too.


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