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Crocomire is the bestest spehss monster on all of Zebes

The Etecoons ain’t got shit on him in the cute factor

I think Other M should have had Crocomire as the secret final boss instead of Phantoon. It would have explained why OM!Adam was so leery about Power Bombs if the BOTTLE SHIP had a Crocomire lurking on it

I dunno, maybe he could have been a highlight of the game, like Vorash.

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So I bought Super Metroid for the WiiU, actually this is the one title I wanted to get out of the 30 cent games that Nintendo have been giving us. And it has gave us graceful memes of how new players to the game are more helpless than a kid who struck out in Tee-ball. 
-Joking aside, I finished the game at 3:59 with 49% completion. I’m not amazing at the game, but I can blaze though it normally. Even spent some time drawing on Miiverse, and I had my fun drawing them. Which I did poke fun at the “Metroid” Samus name joke. 

I have a weakness for the “welcome to die” meme…

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