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Badass in Distress: Doing it the right way

Mmm, I feel like chewing on Other M again. Let’s talk about how to set up your protagonist being rescued without making her look like a dumbass.

Now, Samus has actually been rescued by people at least twice before Other M: once in canon in Metroid Prime 3, and once in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Both scenes are done much better than the infamous Other M Ridley scene. And, in fact, both scenes do also involve Ridley, too.

I’m going to let the Other M scene more or less speak for itself this time. It’s been analyzed to death, and may we whip the corpse forevermore, but I want to talk more today about why the other two scenes worked than about why this one failed.

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Dear Nintendo:

When your silly cracky crossover does a scene better than one of the actual games in a series, there is a problem.

To elaborate: here there was an actual surprise attack, which is swift, and the rescue is equally so. Samus then proceeds to get up and kick ass with her little buddy. And it is glorious and awesome.

…That and there are fewer awkward implications to an Androcles’ Lion scene than Man Saves Usually-Badass Woman Who is Hysterical scene.

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