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Giant Colossi are terrifying in the sense that they literally dwarf your very existence and it wouldn’t take much for them to just crush or swat you. They would think nothing of it, really, beyond the mild irritation you (Wander) cause before stabbing them in the head. The insignificance is prominent, which makes a victory against them that much more gratifying (and shitty).

The smaller, more grounded and comparable sized Colossi on the other hand? There is a lot more intimate about the damage they can inflict on Wander. They’re on a sorta level playing field in the sense that you don’t need to scale them to kill them.

For them, the damage inflicted by Wander is far more personal in the sense that everything that is harmed is closer and vice versa, being mauled or run over by them is a nightmare compared to being smashed to nothing by a giant sword arm, because Wander might be alive long enough to experience being torn to shreds.

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Things to Imagine Your Ship(s) Doing


  • Them resting together and talking to each other before falling asleep.  Bonus if one half gets the other to run their hand through their hair and down their back.
  • Forehead touching.
  • Stroking one’s head in that way where their hand lingers on their cheek or jaw, and giving them a soft smile.  
  • Slow, shy kissing that eventually just ends up being really calming and nice to both of them.
  • One person doing or talking about something they enjoy greatly whereas their partner just stares at them with a small smile and slight laugh because wow what a cutie their partner is.
  • Hugs around the waist from behind and nuzzling their neck while talking as casually as ever.
  • Forehead kisses.
  • Playful arguing that leads to playful, harmless elbows shoving into their sides while they laugh at each other and themselves.
  • Gazing up at the night sky while laying down on theirs and pointing out different stars and holding hands and shifting closer to one another.

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Imagine your OTP spend a very good day together. It starts by person A cooking the breakfast for person B (and C, if OT3), then they walk together in a beautiful park while holding hands, do fluffy things together after lunch (hugging, nuzzling, kissing, your choice!), get touchy-feely, which leads to steamy rounds of sex… and then person B passes away several days later.

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Imagine your OTP/3 at Disney World. No drama, no death, just Mickey Mouse hats.

Disneyland Lumiose!

(Sycamore does not take off the Mickey Chu ears ONCE. Lysandre buys every single piece of The Pyroar King merchandise he can find.)

Okay not an OTP really unless puppylove counts, but I’m imagining headcanon!Wander taking teeny Ico and Yorda to Disney Land somehow and it’s very cute.

(Wander and Ico can’t wear ears because of their horns, but Yorda does and jokes that she has horns now, too! Also the guys end up kind of overstimulated and stressed so they all have to spend some time unwinding in some quiet corner at some point/s.)

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"They tried to sacrifice me because I have horns. Kids with horns are brought here. Were they trying to sacrifice you too?"

30 Day Video Game Challenge → Day 30
Favorite Game of All Time → Ico

I don’t know how to adequately put into words how important this game is to me. It’s two kids, who have no idea what’s going on, who don’t even speak the same language and have no reliable way of communicating, trying to find a way to be free. I can’t believe I’d never played it before last year

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Imagine your OTP adopting a child together, and the moment they meet/hold the child for the first time. 

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