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You Were There - Michiru Oshima and Steven Geraghty - ICO: Melody in the Mist


(Not that I mind. It’s a very good song.

'Nonomori' is Yorda's language for 'thank you' btw)

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The thing about the Team ICO games is that they crossover well into literally anything with even a touch of fantasy to them.

Well, Dormin’s land is at the intersection of (presumably magic) points…

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Fumito Udea (Director):
What do you think about the cover of the US version of ICO?
[Awkward silence]
Fumito Udea:
I had some reservations about the package design, but in the end, ICO sold well in the US. So the package design must have been the right choice.
Junichi Hosono (Planner):
I've sort of developed an attachment to the design over the years.
Kenji Kaido (Producer):
After ten years, it grows on you.
Junichi Hosono:
Even now, people still talk about it. You see it on Top Ten Worst Game Covers, and stuff like that.
Kenji Kaido:
In that sense, that artwork leaves an impression on people.
Junichi Hosono:
ICO and Mega Man are the ones people mention.
— Key Team ICO staff discussing ICO's US cover

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Imagine your OTP in:

  • an ICO au
  • Alright I’ll see you all in hell good day

(For friends who haven’t played ICO:

Character A has horns which has marked them as cursed in their home town, and they’re left to die in a haunted castle. After escaping, they come across Character B who is likewise trapped in a cage. Neither one speaks the others’ language, but they join forces to try and escape the castle, dogged by smokemen who want to drag Character B into some unspeakable netherworld. Bonus if at the time both are twelve years old.)

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